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We advise you to join our club first, to create a cashflow and continue with our Direct Plan, our fast digital gold and cryptocurrency accumulation plans, to later join our SCC System, with which you can grow your wealth with your own profits.

CCS System

Our Cyclical Capitalisation System, SCC allows you to grow your assets in Gold, Cryptocurrencies or FIAT money automatically.

This system of Gold accumulation contracts works in the same way as the Direct Plan. In this case, 6 direct or indirect recommendations are required per contract.
The system allows you to advance automatically to higher plans with your profits.

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Goldbex Club

Become a member of our Club and receive a 75€ Fast Start Bonus for every new member you refer who joins.

You also receive residual income every month from the membership fees paid by everyone you invite to the club, as well as from your team members up to the fifth level.

Generate an income of thousands of dollars every month while gaining financial education.

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Accumulation Plans

Accumulate Digital Gold and Cryptocurrencies or simply use our gold buying and selling system, to earn 150% profit per trade.

We have plans from 100€ to 50.000€ and all plans work exactly the same.

Give 50% as a down payment on your Digital Gold purchase, recommend 2 new customers and the remaining amount is deducted from the total price of your purchase.

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